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I am an Associate of Pisces Learning Innovations Ltd.  (PLI) a company based in Scotland that offers services to develop and implement effective learning strategies in vocational training. Primarily targeting industry and educational establishments  in the land-based sector in UK and Europe. Recenlty completed research work for BlueEDU project led by Norwegian University of Science and Technology. My work was focused on current vocational edcuation and training in Italy and Spain aquaculture industry.

Together with PLI and through own work initiatives, I have been involved in grant writing for Erasmus funding and in the past also collaborated on grant writing for the State of Connecticut in the US for advancing education and training in vocational programmes.




For more information please go to our website www.pisceslearning.com



Presenting online program at Marine Harvest International



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I designed a module for a vocational college in the Netherlands. The module consisted of online content aligned to the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) and practical application out in the field. The blended program was designed using Canvas and incorporated tools to provide more collaboration through social learning tools, such as Flipgrid. 


This opportunity gave me a chance to implement the program, Exploring Diversity in Aquaculture (EDA) I started developing back in the US and to assess its effectiveness with a wider international audience.


To find out more about EDA please see our website which I created using Wordpress: www.exploringdiversityinaquaculture.org


In Summer 2017, I will be Course Instructor for BIO159 Introduction to Aquaculture online course offered through Manchester Community College, CT. In preparation, I am also developing the 8 week course modules using Blackboard.



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