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My strengths intellectually include strengths in both math and science classes. Since high school, I have highly excelled in math and science classes, including Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Physics. These classes all have some sort of problem solving logic, which I believe is one of my strongest intellectual strengths. Compared to English and History, which is more reading and writing, I find myself stronger in the areas of working out a problem, or understand the parts of our environment and our bodies and how everything works with one another. 


Outside the classroom, I believe my number one strength is being involved. Throughout all of high school, I participated in a wide variety of clubs and sports, including field hockey, gymnastics, Key Club, Peer Leaders, Best Buddies, and DECA. Being involved is very important to me. I was the president of my Peer Leaders club, which involved me planning and organizing all of our events throughout the entire year. I love giving back to our community, and raising money and awareness for different things, including people, hospitals, children, etc. 


Areas for Improvement: 

My areas for further development in my intellectual area is in English and History. In English, I could work on my writing and reading skills, whereas in History I need to study more often and take in all of the historical events and understand the order of which each happened. Outside of the classroom, I believe I can work on trusting others to get things done. For instance, being the Peer Leader President, I had a hard time giving tasks to my committee because I was unsure if they would complete them the way I had hoped. I hope that throughout college, I can trust the peers I am working with more than I did in high school. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.