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My name is Taylor Chelo,

and I am a compassionate achiever.

My journey through this life as a compassionate achiever has lead me to shape not only my life for the better, but also other people's lives. There are two personal experiences of mine that have driven me to do so: 


I am a two-time open-heart surgery survivor.


After I was born, I required cardiac surgery at nine days of age. The night before my surgery, an anonymous person placed a beautiful, pink hand-knit blanket over me. When my parents inquired who had given it to me, the nurse responded, "It is from a grandmother whose grandchild had heart surgery at birth." This kind and generous gesture meant so much to my parents.


I still have this blanket today, and will treasure it always. In March of 2009, I required a second open-heart surgery. This time, I was thirteen and well aware of the seriousness of my surgery. While in Boston, my family and I saw many young parents, waiting for their newborns to come out of surgery. I immediately thought, I wish there was a way to let them know that their children would be alright. After all, here I am, almost ten years later: a strong woman and successful graduate student at Quinnipiac University, who appreciates everything God has blessed her with.


I love to knit. If I could knit beautiful baby blankets and enclose an inspirational note that my thoughts and prayers are with them, maybe, in some small way, it would help a few families, along with their children, get through a very difficult time and ensure them that everything will be alright. 


Since then, I have donated over fifty blankets to young cardiac heros throughout New England, and my blanket donor network has grown ten fold. I am always looking for more people to become just as inspired and become compassionate achievers themselves.


This is how my own non-profit organization, Stitches of Strength, came to be, and this is how I have become a compassionate achiever.


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