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The "Compassion Catalyst" trademark created by Taylor Chelo. Students in PS*300 are identified as compassion catalysts.

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E-Portfolio Catalyst Job Description & Skill Set


The E-Portfolio Catalyst position is a new position to the University that is currently placed under the College of Arts & Sciences. I have been able to implement my creative and technological skills to this position and help both students and faculty to cumulatively collaborate through the use of the E-Portfolio. It has been created with the help of Provost Mark Thompson, Professor Thomas Pruzinsky, and Professor Chris Hakala in hopes of implementing the E-Portfolio as a crucial tool in the future University curriculum. I am currently an EPC for PS*300: Compassion Training with Professor Pruzinsky, and I am helping to connect and organize not only the content of the course, but also the majors of our students. The E-Portfolio is a perfect technological forum to showcase these connections across the curriculum and the reflective, transformative changes that the students undergo.


The following two logistical skill sets

are together in service to the course's learning goals:



Creative Logistics:

  • Ultimate Course Product: How to ensure that all e-portfolios are highly structured (eg: following a specific detail checklist) while simultaneously being completely individualized and student specific

  • Connections through Curriculum (“Bridge building” independent of my own major/expertise)

    • Creating connections visually via my creative/technological logistics

Technological Logistics:

  • Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides)

      • The hard drive of the e-portfolio - the “treasure trove” of E-Portfolio artifacts and resources
      • Cumulative & Collaborative - invite other students and professors to view artifacts

  • E-Portfolio
      • Digication Software
      • Highly Structured/Completely Individualized

      • Reflective Components

      • Records Student Growth
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