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My name is Taylor Chelo, and I am

a member of Quinnipiac University's Class of 2017.


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  • I'm an English Major and have also been accepted into the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program in order to become a certified elementary school teacher. I prefer to take morning classes; I'm a morning person at heart!
  • To be honest, I am not the greatest test-taker in the world. It's something I plan to work on during the course of my four years here at Quinnipiac.
  • My academic strengths that I have determined throughout my high school career are in Literature/Composition, Sociology, and Religion. My academic weaknesses are Math and Science. 



(Picture galleries exhibiting my involvement in the following extracurriculars can be found in their corresponding sections in the left-hand column!)


  • I was the President of Quinnipiac's College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Inaugural Student Council during my Senior year. Our council's goal was to unify CAS's academic community by encouraging networking among the plethora of majors. Highlighting the importance of the humanities and sciences not only helped CAS students understand the value of their majors and their futures, but also emphasized our school's significance to others within the University community.


  • I served as an Orientation Leader for both the Summer of 2015 and Summer of 2016. Quinnipiac University's Orientation Leader is the most upheld leadership position in the student community. Orientation Leaders serve as active and engaging ambassadors of the University for the incoming freshmen as they embark on their college careers. Not only does the staff cater to the newest members of the Quinnipiac community, but they also interact with members of past years. Serving the alumni of Quinnipiac University is another major responsibility as the Orientation Leaders represent the University currently and how it has flourished and grown since its founding. 



  • I was an active member of Quinnipiac's Future Teacher's Organization (QFTO), which allowed me to get involved in my Education major outside of the classroom, as well as pair up with mentors who will assist me in applying for the MAT Program. We took part in a variety of on- and off-campus events, including Quinnipiac's Mt. Carmel & School of Education open houses, our very own Science - Technology - Engineering - Mathematics (STEM) Nights and Fitness - Athletics - Nutrition (FAN) afterschool programs, JDRF's Annual Walk for Diabetes, and much more!


  • I was the Social Chair of Quinnipiac's Catholic Chaplaincy (QCC). I have grown up Roman Catholic and have always fallen back on my faith when life throws all sorts of trials and tribulations at you. It allowed me to keep focused and centered both as a motivated student and as an overall individual. Our University chaplain, Fr. Jordan Lenaghan, OP, has promoted our parish's growth. Given the fact that we are the largest religious group on campus, he had major plans for the years to come in regards to making QCC a campus-wide "parish without a building." Fr. constructed a new leadership caucus, which I was so thrilled to be a part of. QCC is founded on four major pillars: prayer liturgy, education, social justice, and community building. Together, these four key factors especially contribute in a big way to the overall sense of community here at Quinnipiac.



  • Given my history of being a competitive figure skater and my avid spirit within the  Quinnipiac University community, I was a Captain of the IceCats. We cheer for our Division 1 Men's Ice Hockey Team. I was asked to compose an article for The Chronicle--Quinnipiac's campus newspaper--to reflect on my experience on my freshman experience as an IceCat. This article can be found here: http://www.quchronicle.com/2013/11/views-on-campus-through-the-eyes-of-an-icecat/. Not only do we pump up the crowds at all of the games, but we also have yearly team philanthropies. In Fall 2013-Spring 2014, we began our first initiative called IceCat's Fight Cancer. We raised over $2000 to buy toys for the Pediatric Cancer Unit at St. Baldrick's. The remaining proceeds went toward research. Since the Fall of 2014, we have joined up with the Team Boomer Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and raised $3,400 to fight for a cure. Our cause was in loving memory of our captain's sister who passed away from CF not too long ago. Being a member of the IceCats opened my eyes to how incredible Quinnipiac's Athletics are, not only in their feats on the field, but also in the ways they reach out to the community off the field. It has also immersed me in the spirit of the school and has taught me what it means to be a Bobcat. 

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